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How do I get nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)?

You may see folks on QuitNet mentioning that they get NRT through our site. These particular members are participating in QuitNet through their health insurance or employer who is subsidizing the cost of their nicotine replacement therapy. 

If you arrived at QuitNet because your employer or health insurance offered you a premium membership, you should see a 'Premium Membership' option under your main menu (the gear icon on the desktop website, or the three line menu icon on mobile).

If you had trouble registering into your premium membership, or simply do not see this option but believe you should, please contact our support team using the 'Email a question' link at the top of this page. When you do, please mention who your employer or insurance is to help our support team better assist you.

If you are not participating in QuitNet through your employer or health insurance, you may wish to call 1-800-quit-now to see what benefits may be offered through your state.

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