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How do I post on QuitNet?

At the top of your QuitNet homepage, you'll see a question asking, "How's your quit today?" In the text box below you can share how you're currently feeling about your quit. There is no limit to how many times each day you post about your quit.  



If you're craving and would like some extra support from the QuitNet community, you can check the "I'm craving and need some help" option. When you do, your Quit Status will be tagged with a "Craving" label -- this will let other members know that you're seeking additional motivation and words of wisdom.

If you have a question for a QuitNet Expert, you can check the "I have a question about quitting" box. This will tag your Quit Status with a "Question" label, and one of our QuitNet Experts will respond to your question shortly thereafter. 




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