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How do I decide which NRT to use?

If you prefer discrete once a day convenience, you will probably want to choose the patch, which provides steady blood levels of nicotine. If you prefer periodic use during the day and have extra available for an acute craving, you should choose one of the other forms of NRT - lozenges that dissolve, gum that you can chew, an oral inhaler or a nasal spray. The inhaler looks and feels like a cigarette holder, but releases nicotine into the mouth and throat tissue. The nasal spray is breathed into the nostrils. The inhaler and the nasal spray deliver the fastest dose of nicotine to the brain, but can irritate the tissues. They are only available with a prescription. If you have questions about which product to use, be sure to discuss your choice with your doctor.

Not everyone can use the patch (e.g. severe eczema, very sensitive skin or adhesive allergies), gum (TMJ, dentures, bridges, etc.), or nasal inhaler (sinus disease or nasal polyps).The gum, lozenge, or inhaler may be more appropriate for those who desire an oral, or hand-to-mouth, component to their quit-plan. Others, such as parents with small children, etc, may be concerned about NRT waste; the lozenge is completely consumed and leaves no nicotine containing waste. 


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