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How popular is smokeless tobacco compared to smoking?

3.6% of adults are current smokeless tobacco users (2012). This includes 7.1% of males and 0.4% of females. In 2013, current cigarette smoking prevalence was 17.8% - higher among males (20.5%) than females (15.3%).

High rates of smokeless use were found in:

  • Young adult males (aged 18–25 years): more than 10 in every 100 (10.5%)
  • Non-Hispanic White males: more than 9 in every 100 
  • American Indian/Alaska Natives males: about 16 in every 100 
  • Males with a high school education (nearly 9 in every 100) and with some college education (more than 8 in every 100)
  • Males who live in the Midwest (9 in every 100) and in the South (more than 8 in every 100)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Smokeless Tobacco Use in the U.S. Fact Sheet

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