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How can I get better sleep?

Insomnia and/or fatigue are common and temporary side effects of quitting. In the meantime:

  • First rule is, bed is for relaxing and sleeping only!
  • Eat light dinners.
  • Cut back on caffeine and alcohol.
  • Get regular exercise earlier in the day.
  • Take a warm shower or bath before bed.
  • Try a glass of warm milk or herbal tea before bed.
  • Cool and dark rooms without electronics are more conducive to good sleep patterns. You may want to try a sleep mask.
  • Routine works best... go to bed at the same hour every day. 
  • Practice relaxation techniques if you have trouble sleeping.
  • If you can't sleep, get up, drink water, read or try writing in a journal. Don't fixate on the clock. You soon will become tired and go back to bed.
  • The most important thing is to not make a big deal of insomnia--that will only add to your anxiety and increase the insomnia.
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