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Is there anything in smokeless besides tobacco?

Yes, and almost all of it is dangerous to your health. First of all, there’s nicotine, a highly addictive alkaloid poison. Smokeless tobacco also contains at least three known carcinogenic agents: N-nitrosamines, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and polonium 210. Because tobacco has a disagreeable taste, smokeless brands are heavily sweetened with sugars, which promote tooth decay (flavorings such as mint, licorice or cherry are also added to improve taste). In addition, tobacco leaves contain abrasive materials that wear down the surfaces of teeth; they also scratch the soft tissues in the mouth, allowing nicotine and other chemicals to get directly into the blood system. The flavoring salts found in smokeless tobacco contribute to abnormal blood pressure and kidney disease. Finally, there are hundreds of other chemicals in smokeless tobacco which can contribute to many other seemingly unrelated health problems.

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