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How do I prepare my environment for my quit?

Be sure to get rid of all your cigarettes and cigarette butts, matches and ashtrays. Doing so symbolizes your determination to quit, and helps prevent visual triggers. It will be easier for you to stay quit if there are no reminders of smoking or access to cigarettes in your home. If there are smokers in your life, find a respectful way to ask them not to smoke around you. A smokefree home environment will be a big help to you in the early weeks of quitting. Wash your clothes, jackets, bed linens and anything recently exposed to cigarette smoke. On your quit day, you'll have clean-smelling clothes to wear, and a clean, fresh bed. Some people like to clean their car. Plan to have your carpets and draperies cleaned, either now, or as a quit reward. Place your reasons for quitting in sight. Leave a small puzzle or a pad and pen for doodling near the phone. Keep cold water or juice in the refrigerator. Gather your quit snacks so they are ready.


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