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How do I pick a quit-date?

To set a quit smoking date: Choose a date far enough in advance to give you time to prepare for quitting; however, don't plan too far ahead, or you may not feel as determined to quit as you do now (less than eight weeks is the best bet). A special day in your life, such as an anniversary, holiday, etc, may work well, but if that day tends to emotionally-charged, you may do well to avoid it. Think about what you’ll need on your quit-day: will you want peace and quiet and the freedom to do as you please? Or would you be better off busy at work and distracted? If you work in a smoke free environment, would quitting the morning of a workday be the best bet? Or is your job so stressful that the best time to quit would be on a weekend? Think carefully about all these factors, and never underestimate the power of either professional advice, or the suggestions of other ex-smokers who've gone before you.

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