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How do I identify my smoking triggers?

Some people find it helpful to keep track of how many cigarettes they smoke each day, when they smoke them, and what feelings they're having when they light up. Try this for a few days: each time you’re about to smoke, take 10 seconds to write down what time it is and why you are smoking (for example: 9:00 am, smoked 1 cigarette with coffee). Some common triggers are boredom, loneliness, stress, sadness, anger, and frustration. Do you experience any of them?

You might already know that you always smoke after eating, but may not realize that you always have a cigarette as soon as you step out of the house or leave work, or whenever you're in a potential confrontation. Noticing behavioral routines before you quit makes it easier to avoid potential smoking triggers. You'll need to find alternatives to smoking when these trigger situations pop up.


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